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“Fiverr like freelance services" is completed app template in the native source code for either android or ios that help you build apps which are similar to Fiverr for online freelance services. The user can register as a Buyer. The user can become Freelancer after being approved by admin. Freelancers are users who offer and perform services which called gigs. Buyers are users who purchase gigs from Freelancers. Admin will earn commission for each transaction between Buyer vs Freelancer. This app template includes various categories of online services such as Graphic & Design, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, etc. Admin can define each category at the backend.

EXPRESS RESKIN: This is an express reskin app (with predefined ready-made UI design) which will be customized from one of our original completed app: Social eCommerce Marketplace With Subscription Model. You can click on the link for the description and the real demo of this original app.



  • Any user can register as a Buyer
  • Buyer can browse gigs (services) and make an order
  • Buyer can contact Freelancer by Live Chat functions (live chat)
  • Buyer can register as a Freelancer on the same app
  • Buyer can comment, like or add a gig as a favorite (social network)
  • Buyer can follow a Freelancer (social network)



  • A Freelancer needs to be approved by the admin
  • Freelancer creates the Gig with its location on map if available
  • Freelancer get paid to his balance, and he can withdraw from it every month (in Transaction model)
  • Freelancer pay a subscription fee to activate his ads (in Subscription model)
  • Freelancer can chat with Buyer before making an order
  • Freelancer manages his orders via the Order management dashboard



  • Admin can manage all Users (Buyers, Freelancers) at the web-based backend
  • Admin can define multi categories of a Gig
  • Admin can set a commission rate of transactions between Buyer vs Freelancer in the Transaction model
  • Admin can set different prices for subscription packages in the Subscription model
  • Admin can manage Reports, Refunds and Helps requests made by users


2 Models:

  • Subscription Model: The payment between seller & buyer is made outside the app. Seller has to pay a subscription fee to activate his ads.
  • Transaction Model: The payment between seller & buyer is made inside the app. Seller will withdraw money from his balance and Admin will keep 20% of the payment as the commission
  • The app will have either the Subscription model or Transaction model, please contact us to choose a suitable model for you.

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